Retrotouch launches new Touch & Remote Light switches and Sockets

often times the great new tech we cover on Automated home is ideal for new builds, but not always easy to install in an existing property.

This new range of remote control switches from Retrotouch promises to install easily into existing homes using the cables that are already in the wall. The retrofit glass fronted switches are available in a range of colours all with matching mains, TV and phone sockets etc.  check out all the details and the links after the jump.

“Retrotouch launches the RTS2000 range of Touch and Remote light switches and sockets in a stylish glass finish – The range fits a gap in the market for an affordable entry into the home automation market, with designs to suit both modern and classic interiors alike.  A mini remote control comes with each product, giving control from the comfort of your bed or sofa.  RTS2000 range of products can be used by the gadget minded or somebody with accessible needs. giving the user the power to control their lighting the way they want, using the advanced features or just using the simple controls the range offers.

Range consists of RTS2020 Touch & Remote Light switches, RTS2030 Touch & Remote Dimmer light switches, RTS2005 Mechanical Rocker light switches, with matching single, double plug socket, multifunction plug sockets, audio & video sockets, TV sockets and phone sockets. The range is fully stocked to fit the needs of the most discerning customer.  The Retrotouch range can be used with all major household lighting including: spot lights, ceiling lights, wall lamps, chandelier lights, pendant lights and most importantly can be used with low voltage, LED, energy saving light bulbs up to 800 watts per gang.

Retrotouch products are retrofit and can be installed in any home within minutes, without the need for extensive building works or expensive electrical rewiring.  available in a variety of finishes and colours all with glass front panel; available in Black, White, Blue & Salmon Pink, with a chrome trim, the look is sure to appeal.

The new RTS2000 range allows its users to have complete control over all lighting in the home using the optional master scene remote, changing the mood and ambiance of a room in an instant.  The scene remote allows users to save up to 6 Scene settings, which, once preset, can be activated at the touch of a button.  For example, a scene can be set for when you leave the house at night, i.e. the landing downstairs, upstairs and bedroom room lights stay on and all the other lights off. At the touch of a button, all the other lights that you may have on, turn off and the lights set to the preset scene stay on.  The retrofit nature of the products enables customers to start small and add over time to meet their budgets or time schedules.”   :   Buy RetroTouch from Amazon

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