iParty Wireless Transmitter for the iPod

Marmitek have just introduced the iParty, an budget-friendly (£45.00) accessory for the iPod small which allows you to play your iPod music wirelessly on your own hifi system, the iPod Nano version will be available shortly…

“iParty: What is it and how does it work?
The iParty creates a wireless connection between your iPod small and your hifi system. just click your iPod small onto the iParty transmitter. This turns your iPod small into a remote control as well. You can scroll, shuffle and play like you do normally. The iParty transmitter also has its own rechargeable battery and does not use any power from your iPod Mini. A very essential detail! The receiver can be connected to your hifi system through the RCA cable television included and also serves as a charger.

Share and enjoy
The iParty guarantees outstanding sound quality when used with any hifi system. transform your iPod into a music library and let friends and family delight in your much-loved music. The iParty is child-friendly and easy to use: plug and play and let the party begin!

other technical information
The iParty consists of a transmitter and a receiver. A 3.5 mm jack plug cable television is also included, to make the iParty suitable for use with other MP3 players. two rechargeable batteries and a 230V power adapter are included. The transmitter frequency is 864 MHz. The signal range of this nifty device is 15 metres. The signal even travels through walls and ceilings.

Price and availability
The suggested retail price of the iParty is 44,95 Pound. The iParty will be in the stores from mid January. The iParty for the iPod Nano is being developed and will be introduced in the spring of 2006.

Marmitek iParty

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