KNXDroid Brings KNX home Automation to Android users

We’ve had an email from the developers of a new Android app for KNX/EIB control – KNXDroid – a client that connects to the bus through KNXNet/IP gateway using the phone’s WiFi or 3G connection.  The user can enter manually the KNXNet/IP gateway or have the application find it itself with the “Auto discovery” feature…

“KNXDroid is a new KNX client for android. using KNXDroid you can monitor & control your local KNX installation.  KNXDroid is using the phone WiFi/3G to connect to the KNX bus by means of KNXNet/IP gateway so there is no need for PC to be in the middle.  KNXDroid consists of 2 main parts:

1. monitor – in this part the application displays all the knx messages from the bus and all the information related to those messages. the user can also control the size of the monitor (i.e. how lots of messages to display). each message will display also the “context” information, i.e. “The light turned on” or “Temperature set to 25 degress”.

2. control – the most important! in this part the user can control the configured devices. The devices can be grouped into folders (i.e. folder for a certain Room, folder for all lights etc.) and then control the devices inside that folder. each device in the folder will also display its current status and in click will open the corresponding control dialog.

KNXDroid has stunning and intuitive user interface. Lying on the sofa and dimming the light down has never been much easier and it’s available now at the introductory price of $9.99″

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