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So it seems that you people are catching my drift design-wise as well as these blog mini-makeovers are providing you some ideas, however I have to admit — I don’t have all the answers. I am really hitting a mental style block in my own home! normally I can walk into a space as well as picture the needed modifications ideal away. Which colour? No problem. material combos? I’ll provide you three options! general style direction? A piece of cake — it’s standard with a twist.

But I’m trying to make a few modifications at house as well as cannot, for the life of me, discover my muse. Each time I believe I’ve decided, I sleep on it as well as get up feeling like I requirement to begin once again as well as what was I believing anyway?

So if you don’t mind my self-indulgent musings, right here are some things on my tortured mind.

Saw this adorable bit night stand at Funk & Gruven A-Z in Belleville Ontario — do I requirement it? Bleached wood is hot ideal now, however I do already have a number of night stands …

This bit person was there as well — is he better? Am I going for bleached standard or worldwide eclectic these days?

Also, I can’t get sufficient of wing chairs just recently as well as this vintage version has all the ideal lines. It would have to be recovered, however I am not in a setting to select a material ideal now! I’m as well fragile.

I’ve seen these vintage white wine bottles around a great deal lately — I’ve even propped with them myself — however do I requirement this affordable one for $50 on Queen Street?

I saw this traditional breast of drawers in the window of L’Atelier on the weekend as well as covet it something terrible. however this is an affordable style blog, as well as I’m a budget plan type of guy, so in the window it need to stay. Where can I discover his affordable cousin?!

I likewise drooled a bit when I saw this antique Persian rug in a high-end shop last week. look at those colours! I understand it may seem a bit rock-band-stage-prop (with silk scarf connected to the microphone) however I see it casually thrown on a bare wood floor with just the ideal slender canopy bed as well as moody eco-friendly walls. Sorry, drooling again.

But that leads me to my next issue (which has nothing to make with a little budget) — what colour to paint? I’m believing English country or bottle green, however I’ve likewise entertained black (yes black), putty, grey-lilac … With so lots of motivations I don’t understand which to choose! If I were to go green, which one would you choose?

Saxon Green, Calke Green, or breakfast space Green?

And the bed! Sara snapped this less-than-flattering photo of me assembling the bed from Ikea on the weekend. (Note the elegant lamp sitting on floor.) now that it’s together, I’m not absolutely sure I want to stick with this vision! however ooooh that Persian rug would help.

They state that speaking your issues out is cathartic, however my tummy is now in knots. If you have any type of dazzling ideas, please assist me!

Why can’t I just online right here as well as be made with it?

Photo credits: 1-6. Michael Penney 7-9. Farrow & sphere paints 10. Michael Penney 11-13. equine farm in Upstate new York, G. P. Schafer Architect

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