Keene Netswitch Controls Mains devices by means of IP

Here’s a beneficial new box of tricks from Keene Electronics.  The IPMSW1 has 2 power outlets that can be programmed and controlled by means of a web interface. If you need to control mains powered equipment, reboot servers etc then this maybe just what you are looking for.

“The IPMSW1 is an IP controllable mains power switch. It has two independent mains outlets that can be controlled in a number of ways. basic browser button based on / off control.

Full browser based set-up and timer configuration  adjustable power fail re-start options allow each switch to delay up to 255 seconds before switching on. ideal for remote re-start of systems that require 2 stage start ups.

3 timer events per switch with daily weekly or monthly repeats.  during each timer event the switch can be set to either on or off.  own IP address, so can be controlled by means of Internet using port forwarding.  support for DDNS.  manual override button for each switch.  Optionally use Internet time servers to set internal clock.  internal “Real Time Clock” IC with 5 year battery backup.”

Rear of IPMSW1

Browser interface to Switches

Keene IPMSW1

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