Nuimo Click uses energy Harvesting tech for Wireless Sonos & Philips shade wall switches

Here’s a amazing new switch from Berlin based smart home specialists, Senic.

The Nuimo Click uses EnOcean’s energy harvesting technology to create, not only a wireless switch, but a battery-less one too. now you can have instant tactile control of your Sonos speakers or Philips shade lights anywhere in your home, without the hassle of replacing or recharging batteries.

Senic’s new line of self-powered wireless switches use energy harvesting technology to generate enough energy to offer power to the switch without requiring the need for cable televisions or batteries. The Nuimo Click collects and saves the tiniest amounts of energy each time a button is pressed, converting it into kinetic energy for wireless communication. For example, each time a user runs a function on the Nuimo Click, the stored energy is transformed into enough power to send a wireless command to the Nuimo Hub, which triggers the control of smart home devices. This technology reduces energy consumption and offers comprehensive cost savings in a smart home.

For your Sonos system you can use a single Click unit to control Volume, Play / Pause, Previous / next or launch a preferred playlist. alternatively set it up for shade and you can turn lights On / Off, control brightness and select a favourite scene.

The polycarbonate Click switch is 81mm x 81mm x 17mm and comes with an adhesive wall mount system. setup is through the App store (iOS) or Google Play store (Android) apps and the switches transmit on 868 MHz in Europe (902 MHz in the USA).

Senic say they are continuously developing the software, and HomeKit is currently the most popular new integration requested on their updates page.

The Click Starter kit comes with 2 Nuimo Clicks and a Nuimo Hub (including EnOcean dongle) and costs £219. The hub has built-in Bluetooth 4.0 and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. You can have up to 10 units on one hub with a range of up to 30m indoors. Add-on switches are available for £69. check out the video and the links below for much more information…

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Nuimo Click Starter Kit: Wireless smart home switch for Sonos [Bluetooth, EnOcean and WLAN-enabled] (Nuimo Click Starter Kit: Wireless smart home Switch, Black)

smart home Remote: The Nuimo Click is not just a portable Sonos remote control, but also a smart home wall light switch that you can use as a remote control.
attach anywhere: With the included self-adhesive dots, the smart home Controller can be mounted on any smooth surface and looks terrific in Gira design everywhere. use it as a Sonos remote controller.
Compatible: The technology built into the smart home hub (Bluetooth, EnOcean and WiFi) connects Nuimo Click with your smart devices. Nuimo Click is the ideal Sonos accessory.

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Available from Amazon  :  Senic on GitHub  :  EnOcean Wireless energy Harvesting IoT Tech

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