Interview: Christiane Lemieux

Christiane Lemieux might be forgiven for lying down on the job. As the creator as well as innovative director of DwellStudio, the prominent line of bed linen she started in 1999, the Ottawa-born, Manhattan-based designer as well as entrepreneur has made it her objective to dominate the world of sheets, shams as well as coverlets, a market in which her products today stand out for their sumptuous shades, elegantly graphic patterns as well as determinedly contemporary appearance. having firmly established that foothold, she has since broadened Dwell’s offerings to include Dwelltable, Dwellkids as well as Dwellbaby. before starting Dwell, Lemieux worked as a fashion designer for Isaac Mizrahi as well as the space as well as was style director for high-end house products maker Portico new York. She transferred to Manhattan in 1994 to research study fashion style at the Parsons institution of style after earning a BA in art history from Queen’s university in Kingston, Ont. It was in these early years in the city that she satisfied as well as married fellow Canadian expat Joshua Young, a finance as well as genuine estate exec who now oversees Dwell’s business operations. The couple lives in a refurbished SoHo loft with their two children.

House & Home: What do you like most about your home?

Christiane Lemieux: The space. My hubby as well as I bought a rundown loft as well as renovated it. area is at such a premium right here that having a bit is the biggest high-end of all.

H&H: exactly how would you explain your sense of style?

CL: new York by method of Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam. new York truly influences me, however I like the old world details as well as colouration of northern European cities, particularly the method they utilize greys as well as high-lacquer black. It’s soft however remarkable at the exact same time; it looks contemporary as well as new.

H&H: Do you have a favourite colour scheme?

CL: I like greys with browns. mixing warm colours with awesome ones produces a advanced contrast.

H&H: Do you gather anything?

CL: since we started designing toys for Dwellbaby, I’ve ended up being consumed with vintage toys. I discover them on eBay as well as particularly like the clean lines of European toys from the 1960s as well as ’70s.

H&H: What’s your perfect getaway?

CL: staying at a fantastic hotel in Europe with my family. On my last trip to Europe, I stayed at The Dylan in Amsterdam. It was wonderful. All the spaces have wide-striped carpet in grey as well as cream as well as deep, dark lacquer contrasts; it’s a perfect balance between light as well as dark.

H&H: What country or culture influences you right now?

CL: Belgium. I just came back from antique hunting there. It’s still fairly undiscovered as an antiques as well as style destination.

H&H: What’s your perfect night out?

CL: These days, providing my youngsters a bath as well as putting them to bed, then going out with my hubby for a fantastic meal as well as a glass of wine.

H&H: Do you have a present obsession?

CL: Out-of-print books by my favourite designers, such as Billy Baldwin as well as David Hicks. I look for them everywhere from flea markets to eBay. I’m trying to put together a fantastic style library.

H&H: What is the very best gift you’ve ever received?

CL: A trip to Morocco with my husband; we rented a vehicle as well as drove across the Atlas Mountains.

H&H: name three people you’d like to have at a dinner party?

CL: My great-great-great grandparents. I believe it would be outstanding to get them all in a space to truly see where I came from. I’m French as well as Mohawk on my father’s side as well as Irish on my mother’s.

H&H: What is your meaning of beauty?

CL: somebody who doesn’t take himself or herself as well seriously; if somebody is as well examined in terms of character or presentation, the result is affected. In a thing, the same: if it’s impacted or overthought, the beauty is gone. the most gorgeous things happen naturally.

H&H: What one product couldn’t you online without at home?

CL: I dislike to state it: my computer. having it at house enables me to leave the office.

H&H: surface this sentence: I feel most comfortable when…

CL: … I’m doing something I’m passionate about.

H&H: What makes you feel rich, satisfied as well as happy?

CL: My work, the people who work for me as well as my family. I have so many people who count on me as well as making sure that they’re happy, healthy as well as engaged is truly fulfilling.

H&H: What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

CL: My youngsters — literally. otherwise I’d sleep up until noon.

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