New $99 Apple TV Streamer on the way?

Ah, the odor of an Apple rumour in the morning.  Engadget is reporting that the famous Cupertino ‘hobby’ – the Apple TV – is to be reinvented utilizing iphone OS with full 1080p HD capablities.  The new hardware is purportedly aimed as well as sucking material off the cloud – we’re hoping that includes stuff outside of the iTunes ecosystem – BBC iPayer, (Hulu in the US) etc as well as regional streaming too.  The gadget is stated to have only 16GB of regional flash storage rather than a difficult drive, however this is precisely the kind of hardware that most of us crave.  finest of all the apparently small size of the gadget is matched by a likewise diminutive cost – $99!  All seems to great to be true?  let us understand what you believe in the comments.

“If you believed that Apple’s foray into the world of house entertainment died with the last iteration of the Apple TV, you’re rather wrong. A tip we’ve got — which has been verified by a source extremely close to Apple — details the outlook for the next version of the Apple TV, as well as it’s a doozy. According to our sources, this job has been in the works long before Google revealed its TV solution, as well as it ties much more carefully into Apple’s mobile offerings. The new design of the gadget will be based directly on the iphone 4, meaning it will get the exact same internals, down to that A4 CPU as well as a restricted amount of flash storage — 16GB to be precise — though it will be capable of full 1080p HD (!). The gadget is stated to be rather little with a scarce amount of ports (only the power socket as well as video out), as well as has been explained to some as “an iphone without a screen.” Are you prepared for the genuine shocker? According to our sources, the price-point for the gadget will be $99. One more time — a hundred bucks.”

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