What’s Your perfect diy Project? find Out With This Quiz!

looking for a rainy day project with a summery vibe? We’ve rounded up four breezy DIYs you can do in a weekend. Take the quiz and find out which one is geared to your decor style.

Photographer: A. Michael Graydon B. Stacey Brandford C. Angus Fergusson D. Nathan Schroder

Source: A. house & home July 2013 B. house & home February 2013 C. house & home October 2014 D. house & home November 2016

Designer: A. Cory DeFrancisco B. Sarah Richardson design C. James Davie D. Michelle Lloyd Bermann and Christine Ralphs, Lloyd Ralphs Design

Photographer: Angus Fergusson

Source: house & home July 2016

Photographer: A. Tony Soluri B. Angus Fergusson C. James Nicolay D. Janet Kimber

Source: A. house & home April 2013 B. house & home March 2015 C.House & home may 2014 D. house & home July 2014

Designer: A. Katherine Newman B. Barbara Purdy C. McCarthy Hinder D. Deb Nelson

Source: Courtesy of Anthropologie

Photographer: A. Janis Nicolay B. Monic Richard C. Michael Graydon D. Angus Fergusson

Source: A. house & home July 2014 B. house & home February 2012 C. house & home November 2013 D. house & home August 2013

Designer: A. Carrie McCarthy B. Julie Charbonneau C. Brian Gluckstein D. Kantelberg + Co.

Photographer: Donna Griffith

Source: house & home August 2014

Photographer: A. Stacey Brandford B. Robert Wright D. Michael Graydon

Source: A. house & home November 2015 B. house & home January 2013 C. house & home August 2013 D. house & home November 2013

Photographer: Simon Brown

Source: Giftwrapped by Jane Means

Photographer: A. Pamela Purves B, C. Virginia Macdonald D. Tessa Neustadt

Source: A. house & home may 2014 B. house & home February 2017 C. house & home July 2013 D. Courtesy of Emily Henderson

Designer: A. Eric Lamaze B. Patricia Larsen C. Meredyth & Brad Hilton of artistic gardens D. Emily Henderson

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