Video: Eve & Adam Zigbee wise house Irrigation

This weeks wise house crowd funded candidate is ‘Eve’, an 8 or 16 zone intelligent irrigation controller.

Eve communicates with its partner, the ‘Adam’, a wireless capacitive wetness as well as temperature sensor. The Zigbee link has a variety of around 300 feet as well as battery life is quoted as over a year. Adam tells Eve when to water as well as exactly how long for, by supplying real-time soil wetness data at 2 different depths. The system is a drop-in replacement for your present watering controller as well as is compatible  with all 24v  valves.

Eve only waters when you requirement it, for as long as you requirement it. You can set up as much as 8 Adam sensors to ensure that Eve can separately customise the routine for all of your 8 zones.

Eve is likewise created to work with SmartThings to link to your house automation network, the Web as well as weather condition predictions

Since SmartThings is an open platform, you can likewise develop custom-made applications to make Eve interact with any type of linked gadget in your home, so you can tailor Eve to your custom-made needs. Eve links to any type of gadget on the SmartThings network, which includes numerous other devices, including Sonos, Philips Hue, DropCam as well as Belkin WeMo

Eve works by means of iOS as well as Android apps as well as you can likewise use IFTTT to produce logic as well as the makers state it likewise supports Thread.

To support the Eve Kickstarter or discover a lot more inspect out the video as well as the links below.  :  Eve Irrigation on Kickstarter

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