Video: brilliant control is amazing new smart home Touchscreen wall mount Controller

brilliant control is amazing new touchscreen wall mounted controller that’s compatible with Sonos, Nest, SmartThings, ring and other smart home devices.

Amazon Alexa is built in, so you can ask for news, sports, and weather from any room. You can also video intercom between brilliant control units which are available in 12 colours.

It looks like UK readers will have to wait for second generation units before they can install them however…

Will this work in the UK or other countries? Unfortunately, our initial product is made for 120v, not the 240v conventional that is present in the UK and many other countries. You’ll have to stay tuned for our next release!

For our lucky us readers the brilliant Controller is available for pre-order now from $149.00 with shipping forecast for late summer 2017.

Check out the video and the links below.

Features include:

120 Volt, 5 Amp light control, dimming compatible

Easy to use touch sliders – just swipe up/down to turn on/off lights, or hold your finger to dim

Motion sensor, ambient light sensor, and voice control

Amazon Alexa Voice services built in

Camera with physical privacy cover, providing audio/video intercom capability between two or more brilliant Controls

Ability to connect to and control supported Wifi-enabled smart home products

Customizable Scenes to save your favorite settings

Brilliant mobile app (available at shipping for iphone and Android)

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