Stamp Story: exactly how My Flickr picture Was utilized By royal Mail for new 1st class stamp

I hope you’ll forgive my indulgence this one time while I tell a story that’s not wise house related.


This tale began with a message I discovered in my spam folder last summertime enquiring about a picture I had published to my Flickr account.

At very first I believed it was just your routine phishing attempt, however a bit of research on Google as well as Linkedin persuaded me it was truly from royal Mail.

After some back as well as forth it was remove from that preliminary get in touch with in July 2016 that my photo was just one of a number of on a shortlist being thought about for a new set of stamps. It was explained that there were other hurdles to get over before I would discover out if it would really be utilized or not.

Green Light

After an agonising few months I lastly heard back from the beautiful woman at the royal Mail last November. She told me they had tried numerous different shots however kept coming back to mine. She verified my picture had been selected with the last step having seen the stamps taken to The Queen for final approval.

The picture That almost Wasn’t

But this may never have happened, not just since that preliminary message might so quickly have been missed in my spam folder, however since I almost didn’t take the picture in the very first place.

It was a sunny evening back in July 2013 as well as I keep in mind it clearly. We had completed the gorgeous walk from Portballintrae, across Runkerry beach as well as along the cliffs to the Giants Causeway.

In 2013 I was packing my Canon EOS 60D as well as no question irritating my much better half also as the other couple with us, stopping every so frequently to take pictures of the spectacular views. If you’ve never been to northern Ireland it’s time you went to this fantastic bit place, particularly the North coastline with its UNESCO world Heritage site as well as numerous game of Thrones locations.

As we turned inland as well as passed the visitors centre heading for home, I looked back as well as thought the national Trust’s building looked amazing in the evening sunlight with its symmetrical lines as well as long shadows against the remove sky. I debated whether to annoy everybody when once again or just walk on.

In the end I apologised as well as ran back as well as took the photo. I’m delighted I did

The stamp Set

The 10 stamp set celebrates excellence in contemporary design as well as engineering in the UK. The stamps will be on sale for 12 months.

So I’ve had to include my enjoyment for over a year now, not truly sure if I might believe it up until the day the stamp was in my hand.

And that day is today. thanks royal Mail!

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