Sardinian villa

quick — which Mediterranean island has white sand beaches, a few of the oldest buildings in the area as well as great sailing weather? I’m believing of Sardinia, where history satisfies the 21st century in the great villa Sa Sarritta, off the western coastline of Italy. Let’s get a taste of the island lifestyle.

These wide stone steps as well as stone turret are similar to the prehistoric temples on the island. however it’s not all ancient history; the juxtapositions of glass railing as well as stone wall, rich yard as well as planters of succulents as well as awesome stucco against rough stone are strikingly modern.

Windowless stucco walls, a huge stone table as well as built-in shelves make the dining space feel like it was carved out of the hillside. The camp-style chairs look like they might be folded up as well as eliminated after a meal, adding a nice contrast to the rest of the room’s long-term feel.

Mint eco-friendly walls, a glossy stone floor (possibly regional Orosei marble) as well as subdued white bed linen provide this bedroom a soothing medical spa ambience. It may be a bit more tranquil if it had a door, though, as well as those niches behind the bed are just begging for a few objets.

Bathing in this thick-sided, half-spherical bathtub must be like swimming in a handmade piece of pottery. The six-bedroom villa only has three bathrooms, however when they’re this fabulous, you barely requirement more.

Any Mediterranean villa worth its salt needs a pool, as well as villa Sa Sarritta delivers with this significantly lit mini-lake. The covered lounge area is just one of a number of covered outside pavilions, including a barbeque area.

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Photo credits:1-5: ImmobilSarda

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