RipServer – Network storage and CD Conversion

Belfast based company – RipFactory – have always provided a CD ripping service.  but now they are selling their standalone RipServer box so you can do it yourself.  The Linux based unit combines ripping software with a NAS and is available in 0.5TB and 1.0TB versions.  prices start at £599.

“By building on the foundation of Ripfactorys expert knowledge of CD ripping and media servers, Ripfactory brings a first to the consumer – a Network attached storage (NAS) device with a fully integrated CD ripping engine.

By utilising the core Ripstation technology for high quality CD conversion in a really hands off way, operation is easy – once Ripserver is plugged into a network connection it takes care of storage of up to 1TB of music files, integrates a UPnP media server and a fully automated ripping system.

In use, no monitor or keyboard is required – simply insert a CD into the slot loading drive and the CD is converted within a few minutes, added to the media library and available on a network share, and then gently ejected.

Ripserver runs on an embedded Linux operating platform to guarantee stability and requires minimal setup through a easy web browser interface.

Storage is available in 500GB or 1TB capacities (1TB = 10,000 albums in MP3 or 2,500 in FLAC) with full rob protection, whilst quality ripping is assured through Ripsure for protected rip modes in both FLAC and MP3, along with quality metadata including cover artwork for each CD.

Ripserver includes both Twonkymedia and Slimserver for media serving to any network connected audio device and full DAAP support for streaming to itunes

Whilst Ripserver only needs a single network point for its gigabit network interface, it offers USB connections for expandability and secondary backup to allow additional storage to be added at any stage.

Ripserver is covered by a two year warranty – Store, rip and serve in one single unit.”

Ripserver 1.0TB Black : Ripserver 0.5TB Black : Ripserver 1.0TB White :

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