Pretty products For fall 2012

Last week, Indigo revealed a sample of its fall 2012 products. It’s hard to think about amazing autumn days given that summer is just about to begin, but lots of of these decorating finds can work year-round, too. aside from the sensational books and stationery (who doesn’t love a fresh notebook?), here’s what interested me most:

A harvest table filled with wood accents, ready for a hearty meal. Farmer’s carafe with walnut ball, $33; linen napkins, set of four for $25.

The soft pretty colors of these bowls and mugs, just waiting to be filled with a cuppa hot cocoa or rich soup. Pedestal soup bowl, $12; Bergen mug, $12.

An variety of vases ready for blooms. Vases, from $15; seagrass sphere, $13; woodfire-scented candle, $38.

Soft pink floral pillows — featuring chintz-like patterns and textured designs. Cabbage rose pillow, $60; vine appliqué pillow, $55.

The fresh fall products will be in Indigo stores and online in August. For now, check out our most current decorating finds.

Photo credits:
Seema Persaud

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