Modern Cuckoo Clock

My soft spot for cuckoo clocks goes way back. As a child, the cuckoo clock my great aunt owned was a highlight of family visits. I would sit cross-legged on the floor under the intricately carved wooden house and count down to the top of the hour when the elusive little bird would appear from behind miniature doors to sing its sweet song — it was magical.

An element of that childlike wonder has remained with me to this day. However, my taste has outgrown the carved chalet style of the standard clocks. Enter, the Cu-Clock by Magis.

Designer Naoto Fukasawa has imagined a thoroughly modern version of the 19th-century German style. constructed from injection molded ABS-plastic, the Cu-Clock is streamlined and minimalist, while still managing to maintain the whimsy and playfulness that is integral to the original.

The ability to re-imagine such a classic design in a fresh way speaks with Fukasawa’s trademark advancement — probably why the designer’s work has landed in MoMA’s permanent collection.

I can’t help but picture the all-white style above the buffet in our kitchen. Santa, are you listening?

Magis Cu-clock. From $350. At inform and supposedly Modo.

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Photo credits:1-2. Magis Design

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