Linksys home Media Hub uses Network Magic

Cisco has revealed its newest versions of its home Media Hub range that employs its Magic suite of network management software.

The NMH405 enables users to access and stream digital music, photos, and videos throughout the home. It’s an intelligent storage device that aggregates media from PCs and other storage devices around the house and presents it in an easy to understand and navigate browser-based user interface. The NMH405 also features a full-color LCD screen that displays information about your Media Hub and a 6-1 memory card reader.  It’s pre-populated with a 500GB hard drive and an empty bay for end-user upgrade.

“Cisco announced it has updated its award-winning Network Magic suite of network management software that allows consumers to easily setup, manage, and help protected their home networks. the most recent releases (Network Magic Pro, Network Magic Essentials, and Network Magic Basic) offer a new dynamic, interactive network map, much more intuitive navigation, support for much more types of networked consumer devices, and simplified access to printer and file sharing from within Network Magic. In addition, to add unprecedented value to its line of wireless routers, Network Magic basic will now be included with all Linksys by Cisco wireless routers.  Network Magic Facts/Highlights:

Updated user interface – A much more consumer-friendly user interface provides users much more intuitive control over devices on their network from within a single network map window. The new interface also adds simplified access to printer and file sharing, an simpler process for adding wireless devices, and support for a broader range of devices than earlier generations of Network Magic.

Comprehensive Parental Controls – Network Magic users can utilize the Parental Controls built into the software to help oversee and control exactly how the Internet is being used by the whole family. With a easy point and set interface, users can set limits for web browsing, game playing and overall Internet usage. Additionally, for select Linksys by Cisco Wireless-N Routers, home Network Defender, powered by trend Micro, has been integrated into Network Magic to add even more Parental control capabilities to the offering.

Integration with Linksys by Cisco wireless routers – Going forward, all Linksys by Cisco wireless routers will feature Network Magic basic as the default network management tool. current users of Linksys by Cisco routers can download the software for totally free from

Expanded language support – The new versions of Network Magic include 33 languages integrated into the software.

Optimized SpeedTest – new regional server support offers better measurement of local services through the popular Network Magic SpeedTest function.

Network Magic basic – developed specifically to ship with Linksys by Cisco routers. Includes:

Network mapping capabilities

Guided wizards

Viewable device details

Centralized dashboards

Wireless connection wizard

Network device addition

Wireless safety and security setup

Network intruder detection

Internet connection repair

Support for up to eight computers

30-day trial of home Network Defender

7-day trial of Network Magic Pro

Network Magic essentials – built for users who require the basic functionality of the overall software providing to help resolve issues with routers from any producer or want to utilize the file and printer sharing capabilities to extend the capabilities of their home network. includes many of the features of Network Magic Basic, with the exception of SpeedTest, and is developed to support a maximum of three computers. priority tech support is available to users of Network Magic Essentials.

Network Magic pro – offers the broadest available set of software capabilities available on the market for managing and securing the network with point and click ease. includes all functionality of Network Magic essentials plus support for network attached storage devices, Internet access controls, real-time screenshot capabilities and daily usage reports to help monitor any computer on the network, Internet SpeedTest, and support for up to eight PCs.

Network Magic Mac Add-On – provides easy setup for cross-platform sharing of files and printers by PC and Macs on a home network.”   :   Buy a Linksys home Hub

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