Laundry space transformation

As the office’s unofficial eco-friendly girl, I was keen to satisfy Danny Seo when concerned town to hawk a new detergent. A designer who’s understood for his tree-hugging tendencies (he’s likewise developed a line of natural mattresses for sleep Country) as much as his fantastic taste, he was right here as an ambassador for Method, the cleaning products with stylish packaging as well as non-toxic ingredients. When I heard this product guaranteed to “turn the classification of laundry upside-down,” I was intrigued. I dutifully marched down to the boardroom (with my re-usable stainless steel mug of organic chai, of course).

I very first believed these products on the boardroom table were discolor removers. The joyful bottles were cute, however revolutionary? turns out I was wrong: they weren’t discolor products, they were little bottles of uber-concentrated laundry detergent. So concentrated the smaller size promises to clean 25 tons of wash. as well as reward points for a smart design: The liquid is dispensed through a pump, as well as you requirement four squirts to do one load.

Suddenly, I started imagining my new laundry life (which, with an athletic husband, my own four-season cycling practice as well as two active young kids, is rather…full). No much more crippling walks house from the grocery store with a 20-pound jug. No much more having the soap leak out onto the floor if we added as well much while trying to decipher those indecipherable lines inside the detergent cap. No much more tipping the jug on its side so it will slide into the cupboard above our energy star washer as well as condensation dryer from Bosch (see below) tucked into the corner of our kitchen. (Laundry in the kitchen area is brilliant, by the way, except on days we’re having a dinner celebration as well as strapped for clean socks.)

Before I got brought away, though, I took it house to try. The soap dispensed easily. clothes as well as sheets came out clean (though no cleaner than my present enormous jug of eco detergent). I tried Method’s Fresh Air scent, which was light as well as breezy, though I’m much more of an unscented laundry gal so I’d look for totally free + Clear.

The reason I’d switch is for the children. as well as partly I imply that in a save-the-world type of way. however mostly, it’s for selfish reasons. The bottle is so simple to store as well as utilize that I can now train the bit treehuggers to do a tons of wash!

Method laundry detergent is now offered in supermarkets as well as drugstores across Canada. 50-load bottle, $17; 25-load bottle, $9.

Photo credits:1-2. Trish Snyder3-4. Donna Griffith

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