Easy DIY: tiny Wreath

This pint-sized wreath is the best way to sprinkle holiday cheer around your home; prop it on your mantel, hang it on your door or use it to decorate your holiday tablescape.


You’ll need an assortment of decorative holiday accessories (we used artificial florals, greenery, berries and pine cones), floral wire, wired twine and wire cutters. 

Shape wired twine by wrapping it twice around into a circular base. safe the base by affixing twine with floral wire in two to three places.

Map out the wreath design by placing materials atop the base, into an arrangement of your choice.

Create miniature bouquets by gathering small bunches of florals, greens and berries and securing them with floral wire.

Affix tiny bouquets around the base with floral wire to create the beginnings of the wreath.

Affix decorative items onto wreath with floral wire.

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