Awkward nooks

one of the challenges that come with moving into a new house is how to fill all the new and in some cases awkward spaces you did not have before. For the past eleven months, I have been trying to fill such a space.

This nook is a shallow and tall corner somewhere in between the front hallway and the kitchen, and is also visible from the guest bedroom.

These three candlesticks from Restoration Hardware do the trick. They are thin, tall, and fit into the space perfectly. They’ve been a conversation piece for guests, and much more importantly, my husband likes them!

As you can see from these photos, this condo is a blank slate for decorating. stay tuned for much more updates along the way!

For another awkward corner solution, read Kai Ethier’s blog post.

Photo credits:1-2. Holly PeateTop image: Florentine carved wood Candlesticks, Restoration Hardware

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